Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ice Cream Social hosted by Temple Hatikvah

FLANDERS, NEW JERSEY - Sunday evening, August 30, 2009, the Temple Hatikvah Community hosted an ice-cream social to give a warm and enthusiastic welcome to potential new family members.

This temple activity, lit up with friendly faces of all ages to enjoy activities for the children, the pleasure of music, song, and heartfelt conversations for anyone who entered its doors. Excited wishes of welcome and introductions were given with pride by the executive officers of Temple Hatikvah and its Rabbi, Moshe Rudin.

Temple Hatikvah Ice Cream Social 2009

Temple Hatikvah is a family-oriented conservative Jewish Center with an active youth program. Since the beginning, Temple Hatikvah's mission was to represent strong Jewish values with emphasis on education and social action while providing a warm environment for social activities and celebrations. Temple HaTikvah is located at the intersection of Flanders-Bartley and Pleasant Hill Roads in Flanders, New Jersey just a mile from Route 206. The Temple phone number is (973) 584-0212.

For more information about Temple Hatikvah and upcoming events, visit templehatikvahnj.org.

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