Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mount Olive NJ Election Results

Rob Greenbaum, John Mania, and Patrick Walsh
MOUNT OLIVE TOWNSHIP, NEW JERSEY - Election results are in. Nearly 24,557 Mount Olive residents voted today in favor of incumbents Rob Greenbaum and Ray Perkins along with newcomers John Mania and Partick Walsh.

Both Greenbaum and Perkins won a third term with 4,144 and 4,098 votes. John Mania, a longtime planning board member recently appointed to council, was voted in with 4,171 votes while Pat Walsh won with 4,093 votes.

Democrats James Buell, Richard Escobar, Gary Mahabir and John Titus received the following votes: Buell 2,164; Escobar 2,081; Mahabir 1,883 and Titus 1,903.

3,941 Mount Olive residents were in favor of merging the Planning Board and Zoning Board, while 1,712 opposed. Mount Olive Township officials estimate the merge will save taxpayers roughly $30,000 next year through the elimination of an attorney and part-time worker.