Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Jersey Highlands Council Build Out Analysis

New Jersey Highlands Council Build Out Analysis
CHESTER, NEW JERSEY – The New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council released a 'Build Out Analysis' today defining developable land within the Highlands region in accordance with the Regional Master Plan (RMP).

The 'Build Out Analysis' indicates that the RMP policies, when fully implemented in the Highlands Region, allow for resource protection and smart growth development that is protective of Highlands’s water quality and quantity.

The analysis conducted by the New Jersey Highlands Council relies on extensive new and existing data that will benefit from further analysis and refinement over time. “The Highlands Council will work with municipalities during the RMP conformance process as they perform local build out analyses that will better reflect local conditions that cannot be assessed at a regional level.” Eileen Swan, Executive Director, explained, “The Highlands Council is fully committed to partnering with our municipalities to refine the build out analysis by drawing upon their knowledge and experience concerning local circumstances.”

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