Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Morris County Holistic Healing Adventure

Empower You to Be: Holistic Healing
MORRIS COUNTY, NEW JERSEY - Empower You to Be offers holistic healing adventures like no other. Enjoy retreats, workshops, yoga classes, and wellness programs catered to your holistic healing.

The Wellspring Within
A Woman’s Retreat June 7-8th Mendham, New Jersey.

Step away from your day to day pace and join Empower You to Be for an overnight getaway. You’ll rest, reflect, pray, play, journal and gain fresh ideas and inspiration.

Empower You to Be will guide you to:

  • Listen to your inner voice
  • Prepare for optimal summer wellness
  • Practice Yoga on & off the mat
  • Walk the labyrinth

Empower You to Be also offers additional Empowerment coaching, retreats, workshops, yoga classes, and wellness programs such as the 'Full Moon Adventure' and the 'Empowerment Package'.

Full Moon Adventure
May 16th 3:00pm - 18th 11:00am at Spruce Run State Park, Clinton, New Jersey.

Feel the warmth of the campfire and likeminded friends. Be dazzled by the moon. Snuggle in warm cozy cabins under the stars. Wake with the sounds of nature and a soothing yoga session. Trail walk or mountain bike with scenic views. Listen to stories, songs, and the campfire crackle as your meals prepare. Kayak under the open sky while the sun sets and the moon rises. Give your mind, body and spirit time to reflect, rejuvenate, and just be.

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Empowerment Package
Let the Empower You to Be Empowerment Team help you, to achieve your goals - no matter how big or small. As you set forth on your journey your life will begin to transform. With a six month package, you will receive attention from nutrition and exercise professionals, lifestyle and organizational coaches, and financial advisors. This also includes a 10 week course called “Life of Your Dreams” as well as other tailored sessions that would be appropriate for your unique goals and situations.

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About Empower You to Be
At Empower You to Be, we are committed to Helping Empower Abundant Living. We’re an educational services company who uses an integrated, holistic approach to healing, training, and coaching. We provide resources for empowering personal and spiritual development. For more information visit www.EmpowerYoutoBe.com >>

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