Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Plenty of tails are wagging over construction of community 'bark park'

Mount Olive Dog Park
Mount Olive Township Council will hold a public hearing next Tuesday, July 24 to discuss an ordinance to appropriate $35k for construction of a community dog park.

I'm a cat lover myself, but understand the need for an area where man's best friend can roam freely. Dogs are very social creatures that need to de-stress and play as much as we do. The socialization aspect alone could be the answer to a dogs mental well-being. If that doesn't work, you can always call the dog whisper... Cesar Millan.

The chosen spot is an open field in Turkey Brook Park. It will be approximately 2 acres with dedicated areas for small, large, and disabled dogs. Dog owners who use the park will be required to 'scoop the poop' with the assistance of on-site disposable containers and Pick up bags.

William Cirone, the township animal control officer, is heading up the fundraising efforts and looking for volunteers. If your interested in joining the pack, please give Willie a call (973) 691-0900 ext.7334

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